Virtual Humans – Book review

This week, David Burden and Professor Maggi Savin-Baden launch their latest book on Virtual Humans: Today and Tomorrow.

Delightfully, I was able to have a preview of the final copy. Here is my review.

“Intelligent, pragmatic and insightful, Virtual Humans is an essential guide for those who want to understand the complex landscape of today’s technology when thinking about designing and building a virtual human. Helpfully, it clearly deploys a wealth of supporting analysis, case studies, research, ethical questions, and moral dilemmas and adds a refreshing dose of healthy common sense along the way.”

VH Cover Image (002)


Today, I received my hardback copy and it does not disappoint. With chapters titles on the “Traits of a virtual human: Humanoid or Non-humanoid?”, “Body Physiological Model”,  “Senses: Data as a Sense”, “Understanding what constitutes the mind”and the “Becker-Asano Wasabi Model” are all carefully explained and contextualized. Issues such as digital immortality, ethics and, identity are also addressed. Concluding with the three great challenges which I will leave you to discover and enjoy.


To purchase a copy click on one of the two links below.

CRC Press



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