A Private Eye cartoon: humans v AI

I have to say that 14 September 2017 was a very special day for me. Yes, it was the day that I never imagined would happen. Indeed, I never imagined it could happen.

As with the end of any busy conference day we, the planning team, were all celebrating that the conference had worked well. Plus, I was delighted that my afternoon session on transformation, change and AI went very well.

Then, a person approached us saying that he worked for the Private Eye Magazine. He was interested to hear our views on AI and whether we had a dystopian future ahead.

I was feeling rather jolly and warbled on about the arrogance of humans assuming they were the most intelligent species on earth. I offered what I thought were salient facts he might want to mention in his article. Then, I had a lateral moment. Dolphins! I exclaimed. Dolphins could be more intelligent. Quietly, he wrote everything down and thanked us all.

And then the magic happened.

The person with whom we were talking was David Ziggy Greene, one of the leading cartoonists for Private Eye Magazine. I have always wanted to feature as a cartoon in Private Eye. A risky wish as you need to achieve a certain kind of fame to be scribbled indelibly into an edition.

But, I am delighted to report that I have now featured in the Private Eye magazine as a cartoon…. talking about intelligent dolphins.

What more could I want.

Thank you, David.

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