Strong Enterprises is a consultancy delivering training and facilitation programmes in how we communicate, behave, lead, follow and get work done when the Internet is our primary channel of communication. 

We are fascinated in the progress of technology, media and the increasing complexity of data available to us. How can intuitive systems, social networks, augmented realities or virtual worlds improve our staff engagement, enhance leadership and support motivated remote workers?

For example:
– collaborative networks, ESNs and employee engagement
– blended learning
– leadership and management skills for digital leaders
– tools for creativity and motivation
– augmented customer care
– on-line staff consultations
– virtual performance competencies
– effective on-line meeting principles
– distance coaching skills, 3D coaching and mentoring
– sharing knowledge or creating a sense of community on-line
– research into new technologies

This website has two roles:

  • To show you what we do for our clients
  • To illustrate our exploration of the human with the machine