Cog X 2019: The Festival of AI and Emerging Technologies

CogX is an extraordinary annual event. This year, 600 speakers and 16,000 delegates converged on Kings Cross, London, to share thinking, network and debate issues on a broad range of exciting development and challenging issues on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and emerging technologies.

  • The impact AI is having on industry, government and society.
  • What is catching the interest of investors and how are economists mapping the AI options?
  • How does Web 3.0 and BlockChain technologies safeguard individual privacy while protecting the next generation of businesses?
  • How is the cutting edge of software, hardware and wetware changing the way we work?
  • The moral compass while building new systems. Where does ethics come into the equation?
  • What progress is being made by researchers and universities across the world? Discussions were led by the Alan Turing Institute.
  • How are the tech entrepreneurs making it happen?
  • The future of work and education
  • How medical science and healthcare is gaining from AI.
  • In what way can AI protect the environment and the many species with whom we share our planet?

What was exciting for me was the opportunity to chair two sessions with some of the global leaders and geniuses in their field.

Future of Work and Education Stage: Successes in Conversational AI


Akemi Tsunagawa CEO and founder of Bespoke a truly Japanese chatbot that artfully assists tourists while staying is Japan

Aakrit Vaish, CEO and Co-founder of Haptik and phenomenally successful and possibly the world’s largest Conversational AI platform for building chatbots.

Duncan Anderson CEO of is focused on using Conversational AI to develop better customer support.

Lauren Kunze CEO of Pandorabots which also qualifies as one of the biggest conversational AI platforms in the world. Pandorabots supports over 250,000 developers and 300,000 chatbots globally.



If you would like the YouTube link please click here

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