Knowledge sharing events across the UK:

Leading remote teams working in remote regions of the world

Future of work – an exploration of wealth, identity and values in 2020


Social Robotics and AI conference was held at Oxford Brookes University award winning campus in Headington, Oxford. I was delighted to be able to part of the planning team and speak on my research into the role of personality in virtual assistants and humanoid avatars. My talk was called Can AI compete with a smile?

FutureWorld was an open event at the Science Museum (London). Working in collaboration with Herb Enmarch Williams and Hosted by LJ Rich, Producer of the BBC Click Programme, the interactive event explored “How film influences the adoption of technology


“An introduction to and demonstration of virtual worlds” as part of a series run by OuttthereHQ @Winchesterjelly

“Digital Native v Digital Immigrant: who is the better leader” at the 2013 Annual conference for the Association for Business Psychology

“How to engaging employees through social media” as part of the series of workshops for the Association for Business Psychology

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