Chairing Digital Meetings

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.Arthur C Clarke

This course is dedicated to and designed for all those people who are frustrated with the way their meetings are working right now!

Meetings can easily fill our day. In fact, there can be so many meetings scheduled in the diary that we do not have enough time to do the job we are paid to do! Instead of being vital points of contact for review and agreement, meetings can quickly become fragmented, isolating and unproductive.

This is a practical, experiential course that explores one of the most difficult types of meeting – the virtual meeting. It introduces new models, processes, structures and guidelines for running effective audio/digital meetings that will create better results in a shorter time. Not only that, it is delivered entirely in a digital environment such as a videoconferencing  system (WebEx, Google hangout, Skype), telepresence, virtual world (Second Life) or just on the phone.


  • To explore the competences, skills and expertise of a chair of an digital meeting
  • To give meaningful presentations in an digital space
  • To provide a great environment for good decision making
  • To explore process flows to create useful and productive results

Course Structure

There are either four or five sessions (1-2 hours each) with 6 – 8 participants:

  • Session 1. This is a 1:1 introduction to the course, technology as well as the models and processes
  • Session 2: Participants begin planning their meeting and explore effective chairmanship
  • Session 3: Group session where the group runs a live meeting addressing important issues for the team/organisation
  • Session 4: (optional) A second group session in order that all participants have had the opportunity to lead a virtual meeting
  • Session 5: This is the final 1:1 session with each participant to follow up the learning and give coaching support.

A total time commitment for each participant is 8 hours over 5 weeks . This means that each person gets focused attention at the beginning building up to the group sessions with personal follow up support too.

Dates for the next series of courses 2018


Chairing Digital Meetings – commencing on 6 Feb 2018

Four session programme. First session (one hour) on 6 Febuary 2018

(Following three sessions times agreed with the group)

Course fees: £380 plus VAT per person

Maximum number of attendees: 6 people

Technology required: dependent on the technology



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