As more companies implement cross functional teams, using social media as a communication platform is an obvious choice. However, is it a distraction or a tool for better productivity?

This workshop takes a closer look at some of the considerations for engaging staff through different digital environments, how to develop social media policies and maintaining momentum within an enterprise social network (ESN).

Questions that are explored incude:

  • How has social media grown over time and what’s the psychology behind it all?
  • What are some of the choices of enterprise social network in the workplace?
  • What success stories and lessons can we share in making ESNs work?
  • Building your social media communications strategy
  • Developing a social media policy for your organisation
  • How can we utilise this engagement in an employment context?
  • What is the projected future for social media in the workplace?


The previous participants have added to a imindmap to include the many aspects of developing an effective generic social media guideline.


Social Media Guidelines - 3D - 11 December 2015

If you would like to run this workshop for your staff contact us by clicking here

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