Following my talk at the Association for Business Psychology Annual Conference 2015, a team of scientists, innovators and psychologists teamed together to organise an new event. We sought to create a platform for debate, showcasing new tech and present the latest thinking in robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) with illustrations of how it is impacting the corporate world. Here are the highlights:

Yes, there is a strong media message predicting that a high percentage of our current jobs being taken by AI. There is also a growing workforce responding to those old problems with new solutions. New markets and industries are being created. But we have to walk into this new world with our eyes open. We need to talk, share, challenge and debate.

The day itself was electric. The discussions on defining human in the machine, ethical coding of autonomous systems, the meaning of privacy in a tech age, co-robots,  chat-bots, robo-psychology, robots that run the professional services – lawyers watch out – robot companions, the social impact of AI in our work were all worth having a conference to themselves.

Here are my slides for my presentation on Will AI compete with a smile?

In fact the conference was so successful there is another conference planned for Autumn 2017. Do Come and join us.

You can find out more by clicking here  or go to the web page: