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Booking a Coaching Through Sculpting session

For those who are curious to explore their impact on others by co-creating a 4-D sculpture of their face with a coach.  The results will inform you on how others may perceive you and give you new insights on your personal presence.

Stage one:

Arrange a 15 min call with Nicola Strong to talk about the process and what you would like to explore in your coaching session.

If you would like to go ahead, proceed to stage two.

Stage two:

Book a date and start time for your half day session. The location will be a relaxing and quiet place of your choice.

The session includes 4-hour of coaching and your clay 4DLifeForm™. The fee is requested before the session.

Costs include £625 + 20% VAT +expenses (expenses will depend on location and travel time).

Stage three

Is the session itself. The coach listens to your thoughts on your presence, communication and personal impact while creating a 3D clay bust into a 4DLifeForm™. There will be frequent breaks to discuss progress and further exploration.

The objective is to discover new insights and leave you with a 4-D model of your face that makes a lasting impression.

Stage four

If you would like to make you 4DLifeform™ permanent, there are a number options. It can be fired in a kiln or cast in bronze, resin, fibreglass or even chocolate!

Do mention this option, if it is of interest as it will inform the coach on how they will need to make their preparations.


For more information and to book your free 15 minute telephone please send a message through the Contact Us page