Event – 14 September 2012

There is no spoon: technology, presence and ethics in online coaching Held at i-coach academy, Central London In this presentation I was interested in the role of neuroscience when it meets virtual reality and how we define our identity in a fast changing ethical code. It started off with the impact I could see films … Continue reading Event – 14 September 2012

Getting an audio meeting to work: walking over the bridge

One thing that has really struck me about running audio meetings is how easy it is for a meeting to descend into polite confusion. There are, indeed, some subtle changes that can either make or break a meeting held in this environment. An obvious observation is to underestimate the time needed for the technology, Internet, routers, security to complete … Continue reading Getting an audio meeting to work: walking over the bridge

Listening to ignite the human mind

I have read with great interest the current debates on the importance of listening. What has interested me for some time is the power of listening, real listening, just enjoying somebody's thinking with no need to add or change or adapt the magic of their thoughts.  I suppose I think that people deserve not to be interrupted from … Continue reading Listening to ignite the human mind