#edcmooc: Today’s metaphors for future reference

This is the second assignment in my #edcmooc. This time I have been invited to comment on some possible perspectives of Utopia and Dystopia in the future presented in a series of short videos and films.  I plan to experiment with some metaphors and explore the following questions. Who is set to benefit from the … Continue reading #edcmooc: Today’s metaphors for future reference

Internet of things

The Internet is no longer just a very very big website and data exchange portal. It is now the "Internet of things". Well, of course, we all knew this really. It's just, well, now it's official. For those of you who have been controlling your house appliances from  the other side of the World, this … Continue reading Internet of things

Event – 14 September 2012

There is no spoon: technology, presence and ethics in online coaching Held at i-coach academy, Central London In this presentation I was interested in the role of neuroscience when it meets virtual reality and how we define our identity in a fast changing ethical code. It started off with the impact I could see films … Continue reading Event – 14 September 2012

Who are the top performers in the Social Business Index?

I have been watching the Dachis Group as they have some interesting things to say about how to implement a Social Business Design strategy in your organisation. To quote their website... "Dachis Group helps companies reinvent themselves into dynamic, socially calibrated organizations that gain constant value from their ecosystem of connections". Great intro! Now, what is … Continue reading Who are the top performers in the Social Business Index?

Why I think Social Business Design is important

I am very excited by the ideas behind social business design. Let me explain what I mean. What I am looking for is a way to find a balance between my work, the amazing technology available to me and the world in which I live, society. I want to be able take a holistic view … Continue reading Why I think Social Business Design is important