Engaging the social learner

Twitter chat - Held on 9 February 2016 17.30pm [GMT]   Chat collaboration:  #aapchat and @nicolastrong    Working with Andy Swann and Adelaida Manolescu from the great new enterprise called All About People that seeks to create amazing environments that "bring together the right people in the right places doing the right things" ... at the right … Continue reading Engaging the social learner

Animated learning

I have had great fun creating a simple dialogue using different animation tools. I think they provide engaging, accessible and entertaining clips of learning that can have a helpful impact on an ongoing plan for any level of learning. Here is an example I have created using a simple web-based tool called xtranormal. I have … Continue reading Animated learning

Learning: how do you embrace confusion?

I was delighted to find this 6 minute talk by Ramsey Musallam on his three rules to spark learning. He presents a strong case for his rules in the context of teaching science. As a facilitator, I am interested in the balance between creating a safe space to learn with the adventure of curiosity. Sometimes, when … Continue reading Learning: how do you embrace confusion?