Hello, I’m Nicola. I have been running Strong Enterprises for over 23 years. It evolved from my experience as a informations systems consultant and my work developing social innovation projects for the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce. There is a common thread to all of my work in that I have a continuing curiosity in how we remain human through digital change.

Currently, I work in a number of areas:

1. Research into new technologies for clients wishing to explore any opportunities, issues and risks when developing their business operations. Examples of my current projects include:

  • Designing and building Conversational AI/chatbots
  • Designing a framework for building a trustworthy AI. I am a senior consultant at the Institute for Ethical AI supporting the research into the role of AI in HR systems and facilitating events for businesses seeking to ensure their Artificial Intelligence applications are ethical, unbiased and deliver the relevant results.
  • Researching the role of AI throughout recruitment and onboarding process

2. Providing AQai adaptability assessments for individuals and teams. Where there is a need for coaching support while adapting to technological change.

3. Facilitating future thinking, I develop and support collaborative knowledge sharing opportunities to crowd source, debate, develop thoughts and solutions on big topics and issues for humanity when developing technology.

One example of this is facilitating a participative, on-line theatre show where an Artificial Intelligence (AI) debates with the (human) audience on the future relationship between humans and intelligent machines. “I am Echoborg” show started out as a specialist theatre show for innovation summits and tech conferences. Now, not only are we are running a series of online shows attracting international audiences, but we a finding that the show converts well into an in-house strategy day for forward thinking organisations. https://echoborg.com/

4. World Humanitarian Forum, Tech for Good Programme Board. As a member of this board, I have the privilege to work along side some of the most extraordinary individuals who have achieved profound change for those around the World who are most vulnerable at this moment.


I have a network of talented and skilled colleagues and associates who join me in some of my projects and I am privileged to be an associate to other teams too.

Membership and Fellowships:


  • BSc(Hons) in Information and Computing Systems
  • MSc in Change Agent Skills and Strategies (CASS) at Surrey University.
Thalia Poliatevska – my avatar in Second Life

For more information you are welcome to have a look at her LinkedIn profile. Simply click on the logo below.