In the late 90’s Strong Enterprises began as a training company specialising in communication and computing skills linked with change management and implementation consultancy.

In the noughties, the focus shifted to exploring communication skills that might be needed for leading virtual or remote teams. This theme developed into a closer look into the impact technology was having on the way we do business.

Since 2016, Strong Enterprises has taken a new look at the human side of human/computer interaction and identified exciting and respectful ways to communicate, lead and learn.

This form of communication blends the traditional face to face training, facilitation and coaching with different other forms of engagement such as on-line collaborative communities, webinars, m-learning, e-learning, virtual-world-learning and movement/sound/bio-feedback response systems.

Strong Enterprises Limited is led by Nicola Strong and supported by a group of talented and lively associates who are acknowledged and trusted in their field of expertise. All share their valuable knowledge, diversity and the benefits of learning and working in partnership.