Thoughts on how long it takes to build a tradition: an AGI Concept for the future

Today, I released an article that I have been working on with a team of futurists and researchers that explores the ethical considerations and potential applications of an emerging Artificial Intelligence (AGI) with a personality baseline designed around the contextualised historic experience of a physical system.

Arguably, you could say that it is a sophisticated autonomous virtual assistant that draws on centuries of learning and wisdom to offer suggestions and solutions for its human leaders and commanders. However, within that simple description lies a series of ethical questions, humanitarian issues and technical hurdles. Not least, the evolving role of humans within this emerging complex adaptive system.

The paper uses HMS Warspite as the main case study due to the many (and challenging) roles she fulfilled during her long career as a Royal Navy warship. It describes the many previous incarnations of this remarkable vessel and explores how her experiences could offer us a wealth of wisdom in a time where the ever-evolving character of war is increasingly being focused on the exploitation of the digi-sphere.

The expanded paper explores large complex systems where this concept could be applied, such as major medical facilities. The management of enormous volumes of knowledge in co-ordinating a hospital acquired over hundreds of years, together with the daily advances in medical science, could release thousands of dedicated staff to focus on the essence of their work, caring for patients.

Paradoxically, using a personality baseline that builds on the many past incarnations of HMS Warspite will not eliminate the role of the human personnel, but could instead support and enhance the best of what it is to be human.

This paper seeks to initiate an open discussion. It anticipates that this type of autonomous intelligence is likely to be developed by one of more of the major powers. In fact, AGI foundations of this system are already being designed.

We need to talk, debate, explore and decide what shape this exciting concept is going to take in the future.

For pdf copies of the paper click on the link below:

“It takes three hundred years to build a new tradition”
A Conceptual Model for Designing a Personality Baseline for an Artificial Intelligence
By Paul Strong, Nicola Strong and Jim Maltby


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