Does AI mean the end for HR?

This year, I have been asked some fascinating questions about AI [Artificial Intelligence] and its impact. One such request came from the team at People Management Magazine where they asked me why and how AI can transform HR functions in an organisation.

Perhaps the best part of this request was teaming up with Robbie Stamp. Robbie is now the Chief Executive of Bioss International. An organisation that explores how AI can enhance the decision-making processes in an organisation.

Robbie has given two TEDx talks this past year: at TEDxLondonSalon on digital afterlives, and at TEDxLondon on “How Grief Feels“. As the creator of the Bioss AI Protocol, he was a keynote speaker at the CognitionX AI Conference, and submitted evidence at the invitation of the UK Parliamentary Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence.

While Robbie has some impressive credentials I wouldn’t help noticing his role of Executive Producer of the film version of Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy.

Back to the question: does AI mean the end for HR. The Team at the People Management Magazine asked me to debate with a positive view of the use of AI. Robbie was invited to take a more dystopian view.

Here is a link to the People Management Magazine and the on-line article

For the full article click here



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