World first conference agenda focuses on AI’s positive potential for the worlds of work and business – 15 Sept 2016

Programme for the first Social Robotics & AI conference is published

The programme for the first Social Robotics & AI conference delivers on its promise to highlight the positive impact of emerging technologies on the worlds of work and business.

The conference’s busy schedule of discussions, demonstrations, debates and presentations will investigate how artificial intelligence can improve UK business competitiveness by boosting productivity, powering innovation and augmenting the capabilities of the human workforce.  The aim, says conference chairman Anton Fishman, is “to encourage collaboration between scientists, academics, business leaders and the builders of human capital.  By doing so we hope to ensure UK plc gets the best possible advantage from the AI-driven technology revolution that’s gathering pace worldwide.”

Amongst the high-profile line-up of speakers and contributors are:

  • Gary Kasparov, the chess champion that battled IBM’s Deep Blue, who demonstrates how artificial intelligence can liberate human creativity.
  • Tech philosopher Tom Chatfield who asks, can smart machines make us more human?
  • Stewart Bromley, CTO of Atom Bank, describes how he’s using AI to deliver ‘telepathic banking’ to UK consumers.
  • Rod Willmott, Innovation Director at LV= Insurance describes the accelerated innovation processes that are bringing AI to the heart of this leading insurer.
  • Virginie Vast, Head of Cognitive Procurement and Digital Sourcing for Vodafone Procurement Company, reveals how AI is re-creating the supply chain.
  • Nicola Millard, BT futurologist, investigates the impact of AI on customer experience.
  • Prof Alan Winfield of Bristol Robotics Laboratory outlines a governance framework for AI in business.
  • Peter Waggett and Paul Chong of IBM showcase the capabilities of WATSON and describe new innovations in neuromorphic computing.
  • Gorkan Ahmetoglu, Lecturer in Business Psychology at University College London, investigates the role of people in an AI-triggered entrepreneurial revolution
  • Prof Nigel Crook, Head of Computing and Communication Technologies at Oxford Brookes University describes the future of human-robot collaboration

Also on the agenda:

  • AI-in-Action: demonstrations of AI and robotics applications. An opportunity to meet the innovators, the developers, the creators and their creations.
  • AI-Upstarts: A leading UK venture capitalist showcases three of the brightest new AI businesses and gives sound advice on backing winners and working with them.

The full Social Robotics & AI programme can be downloaded from

Social Robotics & AI is held on 15 September in association with the Association for Business Psychology and hosted by Oxford Brookes University. Guests are invited to arrive the day before for an evening reception and the launch of AI-in-Action.  It is supported by commercial partners including the global IT services business, HCL, and the business services group, Ember.  Kalyan Kumar, Executive VP, CTO-CIO and Digital of HCL says; “The combination of AI and automation has the power to transform business efficiency, employee productivity, customer experience and business agility. We’re partnering with Social Robotics & AI because it promises to get beyond the rhetoric and nervousness so often associated with AI and focus on positive partnership between humans and machines.”


About the Association of Business Psychology

The Association for Business Psychology (ABP) was established in 2000 to help its members to improve relationships between people and the organisations they work in, based on evidence-based understanding of human behaviour.  Its 700 strong membership includes practicing business psychologists, students and academics active in this field, HR, learning, resourcing and operational design practitioners as well as executive managers with an interest in how psychology shapes them and their ability to lead and engage their people.


About Oxford Brookes University

Oxford Brookes University is a premier learning and teaching institution with an outstanding research record and tradition of academic excellence.  Its Department of Computing and Communications Technologies has a strong research presence at home and abroad; 75% of its research – including that on AI and social robotics – is internationally recognised and 8% acknowledged to be world leading. Key research themes include enabling robots to see and understand the world around them (Computer Vision), improving the way in which humans interact with robots (Human-robot Interaction and Collaboration), enabling robots to learn about themselves and their environment (Machine Learning) and developing biologically inspired robots. There is an emphasis on developing robots that are socially aware and emotionally intelligent enabling them to show empathy and build trust with their human collaborators.

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