Internet of things

The Internet is no longer just a very very big website and data exchange portal. It is now the “Internet of things”. Well, of course, we all knew this really. It’s just, well, now it’s official.

For those of you who have been controlling your house appliances from  the other side of the World, this post will seem rather out of date.

But wait, there is more. This is really exciting. It means that different devices can now talk to each other. That the sensing data one system collects about one part of the real world will have meaning and context in another which, in turn, can be controlled by my smartphone. The innovation potential in this is very exciting. How would you apply this opportunity to your life?

The issue is how much do I want to control my environment and, at the same time, minimize the amount of data updates I receive from my remote house heating system, my bank account, my cinema club, my health fitness monitor, my supermarket automated shopping widget, my social network sites, client requests, dog vaccination updates and my next virtual meeting?

Will you trust the “Internet of things” to run the logistics of your life?

Here is a video link with interviews with some CEO’s of organisations of things.

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