Who are the top performers in the Social Business Index?

I have been watching the Dachis Group as they have some interesting things to say about how to implement a Social Business Design strategy in your organisation. To quote their website…

Dachis Group helps companies reinvent themselves into dynamic, socially calibrated organizations that gain constant value from their ecosystem of connections“.

Great intro!

Now, what is really interesting here is their new on-line Social Business Index where you can measure your organisation’s social business performance and compare your results with others who are equally curious. To give you an idea, the top five overall performers listed for April 2012 are:

  1. National Amusements Inc. (movie Theaters) USA
  2. Walt Disney Company (media) USA
  3. News Corporation (media) USA
  4. Zynga Inc.  (entertainment and games software) USA
  5. Google Inc. (Internet search and navigation services) USA

But I found it more interesting to find that Dreamworks Animation SKG Inc. have the highest score for their “ecosystem of connections”.


And Auntie (aka the BBC) did rather well in the “Dynamic Signals” category.


For more information: http://www.socialbusinessindex.com/


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